Less Wrong: Progress Report

Less Wrong is emerging from beta as bugs continue to get fixed.  This is an open-source project, and if any Python-fluent programmers are willing to contribute a day or two of work, more would get done faster.

The character of the new site is becoming clear.  The pace of commenting is higher; the threaded comments encourage short replies and continuing conversations.  The pace of posting exceeds my fondest hopes – apparently not being able to post automatically on OB was a much greater barrier to potential contributors than I realized.

We've had 12,428 comments so far on 113 articles, 100 of them posted since contributing was enabled for all users over 20 karma on March 5th.

Browsing to the Top Scoring articles on Less Wrong will give you an idea of how things are developing.  A quick view of all posts can be found here, with the current top scorer being "Cached Selves" by Salamon and Rayhawk, followed by "Rational Me or We?" by Hanson.  If this looks like a blog you like, go ahead and add it to your blog roll now, please!

It might be just my imagination or my prior hopes, but it looks to me like the threaded, rated, and sorted comments create a completely different experience of reading a post – the first comment you encounter is going to be something highly intelligent, and then right away, you're going to see the most intelligent reply and a well-sorted discussion all in one place.  Much more of the action is in the comments.

The karma system is giving me valuable (if not always pleasant) feedback about which of my posts and comments my readers actually like.  I shall try not to be too influenced by this.

An on-site wiki is on the way, and meanwhile there's a temporary Wiki hosted at Wikia, currently with 163 articles.

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